Meet the Founder

Young and innovative man who created his first website with the age of nine years old.

Ittikorn Saengchuenthanom

I started to build the first website when I was studying in the fifth grade. During that time everything seems so difficult. I saw many changes in the Internet industry during the past decade and understand what needs to be done to get better results.


Built and designed pver 90 websites, this website included. Those websites have reached over 132,000,000 people in 127 countries around the globe.

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Meet the Team Leaders

These are men who think and talk about the solutions not problems.

Chaivoot Patipakorn

Co-founded one of Thailand’s top Web Development Company and since 1999 have started doing online businesses. During the past twelve years has been involved in many small to enterprise-size companies and was able to get things done.


Renamed the official Bangkok website from to Built more than 100 websites, those of customers and his own private projects.

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Chandrajeet Maurya

I have no expertise in Design and Arts. That's why I chose to become a Web developer. After I graduated with Computer Engineer degree, I have spent years studying about Search Engine Marketing, Intermediete web programming, and much more. Now I'm able to code everything as long as it's on the web.


Created a photographers community with hundreds of users.

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Meet Everyones

Without these people we won't be able to make it.

David Benkert

Content Director

Lee Helyer

Content Writer

Sasha Kohin

Content Writer

Charles Hinds

Content Writer